CMPS Schools 04

Bell Times

Defining Bell Times

Once a New School has been created, users will need to define the Bell Times. To do so:

  1. Click on the Bell Info tab. The Bell Info window will appear.

  2. Select the corresponding education type for this Bell Time. This can be Special Education, General Education, Magnet Programs or other Special Education Programs.

  3. Select the preferred Bell Time type from the drop-down menu, generally classified as AM/PM and IN/OUT times.
  4. Enter a Bell Time value followed by AM or PM in the Bell Time box and assign the allowed time windows (i.e., earliest and latest for the bus to Arrive Prior to In Bell Time and Depart After Out Bell Time) in the corresponding boxes.
  5. If you selected Auto Fill, these times will  automatically populate their corresponding  boxes. Otherwise, you will have to manually enter each preferred time in the provided text boxes.
  1. Once the AM In Bell Time is ready, select PM Out Bell Time from the drop-down menu.

  2. Then, follow the exact same steps as explained above for the AM In Bell Time.

  3. Click Save As New School or Update Existing School Details as appropriate.

Editing and Removing Bell Times

To edit Bell Times:

  1. Edit the values in the corresponding Bell Time  text boxes.

  2. Click the Update button below. The new values will be displayed.

  3. Click Update Existing School Details.

To remove a Bell Time:

  • Select the Bell Time to be deleted by clicking on its row in the table.
  • Click the Remove button. The selected Bell Time will disappear from the list. Now you can add a new one if needed.
  • Click Update Existing School Details when you finish.