CMPS Runs 02

Vehicle Routing Problem

Within the Workspace dialog, Compass users can access additional Advanced Settings called VRP, or Vehicle Routing Problem.

VRP helps users modify several default parameters that affect the way buses operate. The tool presents three different drop-down menus that allow the selection of the preferred set up before Compass generates a Run. Let’s see what these menus mean and the options the provide:

  • Schedule vs Mileage. Sometimes users may want to prioritize meeting time schedules over reducing mileage or vice versa. This tool allows the selection of:

    1. Let System Select Priorities.
    2. Priority to Meet Time Schedule.
    3. Priority to Reduce Mileage of the Route.
  • U-Turns. Depending on their characteristics and other considerations, buses may or may not be allowed to do U-Turns. This tool displays four available options that users may select:

    1. U-Turns allowed Everywhere.
    2. U-Turns allowed at Dead-Ends.
    3. U-Turns allowed at Intersections and Dead-Ends Only.
    4. No U-Turns Allowed
  • Riding. In a similar way, customers may want buses to pick up all the Students before dropping them off at School at the same time, or may prioritize reducing ride time per Student, which might require buses to stop at School to drop-off Students more than once to complete the Route. The menu offers three options to select:

    1. Let System Select Priorities.
    2. Stop at School Once.
    3. Reduce Ride Time per Student.

Once the preferred options have selected, these can be saved by clicking OK. The system will notify the user that settings have been changed. The dialogue can be closed by clicking on Close.