CMPS Students 04

Editing Student Information

Before editing any existing Student’s information, you need to find the Student Record. Review Finding Existing Students for more details. Once you have found the Student whose information you want to edit, click the corresponding Student ID to disclose the Student Record dialog.

At the upper-right corner of the dialog you have the option to select or deselect the Locked and Inactive status of the Student. Then, similarly to what is explained in the Add New Student section, follow these steps:

  1. Under the Main tab, edit personal and administrative data in the first section. You will find several drop-down menus that allow you to select Attending School as well as Zone School, Enrolled School or Summer School.
  2. Edit the Student’s Program information if needed.
  3. Select or deselect any Special Needs if required. Click 4 and 5 to disclose and edit the information in those sections (see below).
  1. Extend and edit the Student’s Residence information including complete Address, coordinates and Phone, and add Emergency Phone and E-mail. Use the Coordinates Tool to disclose the Student’s Residence coordinates (Geocoding). To learn more about this tool, read the Geocoding section in School Management.

If necessary, select the Transportation Modes and Exception Reasons from the corresponding drop-down menus.

TIP: Address info as Pick Up/Drop Off

After you complete the Student’s Residence information, you have the option to copy such data as Pick Up or Drop Off information as well. This will save you time when entering Transportation data.

To do so, click Copy as Pick Up or Drop Off as preferred. Then, you will find the same data within the Transportation window. To review, find the Transportation tab on top of the New Student window and click on it. Then:

  1. Extend and select Transportation Status, add Notes and select the optional categories if needed.
  2. Click Save Updates to Existing Student.

Adding, Editing or Deleting District Fields

Move on to District Fields by clicking on the District Fields tab next to the Main tab if you need to add, edit or delete any of them. Then:

  1. Click on the Add New, Edit or Delete buttons as needed. Clicking the Add New or the Edit buttons discloses the respective Custom Attribute Details dialogs.
  1. To add or edit a District Field, enter a descriptive name for the Item and a Value in the Custom Attribute Details dialog and click Add, if you are adding a new District Field, or Save, if you are editing an existing one.
  2. Finally, click Save Updates to Existing Student.

TIP: Items and Values

Remember that most Items have Yes or No Values (e.g. a Student will or will not have a particular health problem), although certain District Fields might need more specific Values.

Setting Student Records to Inactive

Student records can never be deleted. On the contrary, they are always kept in the database. However, users might want some Students to be temporarily or permanently removed from their workflows so that they don’t affect the routing plans. In order to get this done, users have the option to set Student records to Inactive.

To assign this status:

  • Find the Student following the exact same steps described in the Finding Existing Students section.
  • Click on the Student Record icon to display the Student window.
  • Check the Inactive box on the upper right corner of the window.
  • You can now Save Updates to Existing Student at the bottom of the window.

Notice that when Inactive, a Student won’t be listed in any search results unless the Inactive filter is selected first within the comprehensive set of search filters. Remember that these filters are hidden by default but you can always disclose them by clicking on the Expand icon next to the Find button. The complete set of filters will be displayed above.