CMPS Runs 05

Saving a Run

Once Compass has solved a Run, you need to follow the appropriate steps to save it. There are two groups of actions needed to Save a Run. These take place in different areas, the Stop List window and the Results menu.

First, click on the Stop List icon within the Results screen, as it is explained in the Understanding Results tutorial.

Within the Stop List Window:

  • Change the Run#/Name, which is automatically generated by the system, following the required conventions.
  • Enter an Effective Date. If you try to save the Run without an Effective Date, a warning message will be displayed.
  • Click on Apply Changes.
  • Click on Close.

Within the Results Screen:

  • When the Results menu is displayed after you close the Stop List window, click on the Save Results Run button.

NOTE: New Stop List Icon

Observe that the Results table shows a new Stops List icon after applying the previous changes. You can check and edit the Run by clicking on the new Stops List icon to disclose its information details.