CMPS Students 02

Finding Existing Students

The Students Management tool is disclosed in Compass by clicking on the Student tab and allows the user to find Student records or display their residence location on the map. It is essential to know how to find Students before their information can be used for any routing work.

Searching for Students in Compass involves the  selection of search filters. Once the Students management menu is available, a set of search filters, including Attending Schools, Grades and Student’s Name and ID, become visible.

Another comprehensive set of filters remains hidden by default, but it can be disclosed by clicking the Expand button located next to the Find button, as shown below. Once used, these filters can be hidden again by clicking the Collapse button (this results from the expansion of the filter section).

To find existing Students:

  1. Click Students in the secondary toolbar. The Student menu is displayed.
  2. Select the appropriate Attending School on the left of the dialog.
  3. Select the corresponding Grade if known.
  4. Input the Student ID and Name, and Card ID if known.
  5. To narrow down your search, click the Expand icon on the left of the Find button to display the comprehensive set of search filters.
  6. Once available, select the appropriate boxes and/or select other preferred filters in the drop-down menus. You can also enter Address
    and Zip Code in the provided text boxes (District Field, Transportation Status and Attachment Type).
  7. Click Find.

After clicking the Find button, a list of matching Students will be displayed below.

Depending on the search filters used and how specific these are, the resulting list can contain one or more students.

For example, if you input Student’s ID, only one student should be in the list. But it you select Attending School and Grade, the list should display many Students.

Remember that you can disclose the Students’ location on the map by clicking the search icon (shown as a magnifier) next to the Student ID.