CMPS Runs 01

Understanding Workspace

Compass Route Builder uses the Workspace as a temporary storage area where selected Stops and Vehicles can be added to generate Runs. It also allows users to review and modify existing Runs. The Workspace is accessed by clicking on the Workspace tab.

There are three quick action buttons on the upper section of the Workspace menu:

  • Solve Runs is used to generate a Run with the selected data (Stops and Vehicles) in the Workspace.
  • Unassign all Stops is used to unlink Stops from Vehicles in the Workspace.
  • Clear Workspace is used to remove all data from the Workspace.

Several other Workspace tools can be disclosed by clicking the Expand button, on the right of the previous tools.

These functionalities can be described as follows:

  • When Use Barriers is checked, Compass considers existing barriers to generate the Run. Barriers can be created and checked in the Workspace at users’ discretion to prevent Vehicles from entering certain areas. For example, some roads might not be suitable for full-size vehicles and barriers bounding affected areas could be necessary.
  • When Use Bell Times is checked, Compass considers those Bell Times linked to Stops added to the Workspace when generating the Run. Notice that any schedule or Time Window (soft vs hard) conflicts should be resolved before the system can generate the Run.
  • Selecting Spatial Clustering forces the system to group Stops based on their location and link Routes to those groups (Spatial Clusters). By doing so, Compass attempts to generate efficient Routes, which cross each other as little as possible, making the best use of the selected Vehicles.
  • If Use Depots is selected, the routing task considers the available Depots.
  • In the Fleet Routing or Simple Routing drop-down menu users can chose to display the Routing with or without specific Vehicles. If Vehicles are not specified, the system will allocate an optimal Vehicle for each Run.
  • The Select an Action new drop-down menu allows users to Unassign all Stops, Remove checked Vehicles from the Workspace and Unassign Stops, and Remove checked Vehicles and related Stops from the Workspace.