CMPS Runs 03

Solving a Run

Remember that, in Compass, a Run is a set of directions used by a driver to drive the bus off a Depot, pick up Students at assigned Stops, drop those Students off at the selected place (generally a School) and then drive back to the Depot or proceed to complete another Run.

Adding Data to the Workspace

Before you can generate a Run in the Workspace, you need to add the Stops and the Vehicles that will be included in the Run.

To add Vehicles to the Workspace:

  • Click on the Stops tab to access the Stops Management tool.
  • Find and select the Stops. To review how you can do this, read Understanding Stops.
  • Click the Add to Workspace button.

To add Vehicles to the Workspace:

  • Make sure you have accessed the Vehicle Management tool by clicking on the Vehicles tab first.
  • Find and select the preferred Vehicle for the projected Run. To review how to do this, read Understanding Vehicle Management.
  • Once the Vehicles are selected, click the Add to Workspace button.

Selecting the Appropriate Settings and Solving the Run

Now that Stops and Vehicles have been added to the Workspace, they can be used to generate a Run. The last step before the system can solve the Run is the selection of the appropriate options within the Workspace.

Make sure you have accessed the Workspace by clicking on its tab. Then:

  • Select your options from the main menu as explained in the Understanding Workspace section:

    1. Select Use Barriers, Bell Times, Spatial Clustering or Depots as preferred.
    2. Select Use Assigned Riders count or Actual Riders count.
    3. If required, Select an Action from the drop-down menu, click the arrow on the right to apply the action.
    4. Select Vehicle Type or keep the auto select in the provided drop-down menu.
    5. Select Fleet or Simple Routing.
  • If Fleet Routing was selected, proceed to the VRP section below for Advanced Settings and select what is appropriate as explained in the Vehicle Routing Problem tutorial. Choose your settings for:

    1. Meet Schedule vs Reduce Mileage.
    2. U-Turns.
    3. Riding.
  • If Simple Routing (without vehicles) was selected, proceed to the Settings for Runs Without Vehicles displayed below.

  • Finally, click on the Solve Runs button to let the system solve the Run.