CMPS Vehicles 02

Editing Vehicles

Finding and Editing Vehicles

You have the option to Edit any existing Vehicle within your Scenario if necessary. To find, select and edit existing vehicles:

  1. Select the appropriate search filters as explained in the Vehicle Management tool section.
  2. Click the Find button. A search result list with the matching Vehicles will be displayed below.
  3. Click the Vehicle record icon on the left of the Vehicle Number. A Vehicle Details window appears.

Within the Vehicle Details window, input the required information in the corresponding fields. These fields are displayed in various sections spotlighted in the figures to help you follow the instructions.

Within the first set of fields you can:

  • Select Spare Vehicle if needed.
  • Enter AVL Device ID if required.
  • Select the appropriate AVL Account.
  • Enter Notes, Stall number and Odometer data.

Notice that the Vehicle Number assigned to the selected vehicle, located on the upper-left corner, can’t be modified.

Below you can:

  • Enter the maximum number of Riders allowed.
  • Enter the capacity for Wheelchairs on the vehicle.
  • Enter the number of Seat Belts and Safety Vests available on the vehicle.

Under the previous fields:

  • Enter the Maximum Number of Stops per Run the vehicle can make and maximum Route Time (allowed time on the road per day, including Stops and waits).
  • Enter the Maximum Drive Time (allowed time on the road per day, excluding Stops and waits) and Maximum Total Distance.
  • Enter Start After and Start Before (earliest and latest times at which the vehicle must leave the Depot).
  • Select the Depots where the Run must Start and End.

In the second half of the Vehicle Details window, you will find several other fields where you can select more Vehicle Details, such as:

  • Maximum Occupancy.
  • Operating Costs per mile and per hour.
  • Vehicle Inspection Classification and Number (VIN).
  • Type of Service.
  • Vehicle Configuration Type or VCT (codes describing capabilities and equipment).
  • AC or Aide Specialties.

NOTE: Editing Vehicles is Specific to Scenarios

Editing existing Vehicles will update data only within a specific Scenario but this won’t be automatically applied to other Scenarios.

Bulk Update

The Bulk Update tool provides another convenient way to edit the information of several Vehicles at the same time. To do this:

  1. Make sure you select only the Vehicles to be updated in the result list after you have done the necessary search.
  2. Click the Bulk Update button above the list. A Vehicle Bulk Settings window will appear.
  3. Within this window, check the required bulk settings and enter the appropriate data in the corresponding fields.
    If needed, review the terminology in the previous section.
  4. Find the Start From Depot (depot at which the Route starts) Finish at Depot (depot at which the Route ends), and Vehicle Usage Type (general, special or multipurpose education) options in three different drop-down menus and select the correct options.
  5. Click OK. The updated data will be saved.