CMPS Stops 06

Assigning Pick Up and Drop Off Times with Bulk Update


Remember that every Stop must be linked to Pick Up and Drop Off locations, since every Student picked up at a particular Stop is necessarily dropped off at another. These locations are included in any Curb-to-Curb Stop that you create but you still need to add Pick Up and Drop Off times to the Stop afterwards. You can review Pick Up and Drop Off times and delay allowance (hard vs soft windows) in the Stops tab section of the tutorial Understanding Stops.

To add Pick Up and Drop Off times to the Curb-to-Curb Stop, you can select the Stop on the Map, click Update within the pop-up Bus Stop window and enter the information in the Pick Up and Drop Off dialogs. To review this, read the tutorial Adding Stops in the Map.

If for any reason you have created more than one Curb-to-Curb Stops, you can update this information with the Bulk Update tool.

Using Bulk Update

To update the information, select the Stops on the Map or in the search results list and then click Bulk Update above.

A new Stop Information Bulk Update window will appear. Let’s assume that these Curb-To-Curb Stops are created as AM Stops, which means the assigned Students are picked up by their residences in the morning and taken to School.

To add Pick Up and Drop Off times to the Stops, follow these steps:

  1. Select the School from #2 drop-down menu (#1 menu is for School Pick Up).
  2. On the right, select the corresponding AM Bell Time.
  3. The Drop Off Time Window at School should be displayed below. Select both Drop Off boxes (After and By).
  4. Select Pick Up Time Delay. If bus Delay is allowed, enter this in minutes. Remember that certain Delays may be reasonable (soft window) at Pick Up Stops.
  5. Do the same for Drop Off Time Delay. Remember that arrival at School is subject to Bell Time and little flexibility is allowed (hard window).
  6. Select curb side if necessary.
  7. Click OK.

Creating Stops for Returning Runs: Mirroring

If you have completed AM Stops, you can use the Create Mirror Tool to create PM Stops so that Students can be picked up at School and returned to their residences following reverse Runs.

Mirroring is a quick way to turn AM Stops into PM Stops, specially when multiple Stops need to be included in the process. To learn about Mirroring, read the tutorial Mirroring Stops.