View Video Viewing 03

Selecting Additional View Options

In addition to the general features that vMax View displays on its main screen, other additional options may help users view video files and get more accurate visual information. Let’s take a look at them.

Video Display Resolution

vMax View can display either high or low resolution video from TH8, HX16, and NX16 recorders. TH6, TH4, TH4C, DX, TX, MX and TL drives display in high resolution only. SD card video records in high or low resolution, depending on the DVR model. For more information, please see the documentation for your DVR.

TIP: Resolution and System Resources

Playback in high resolution requires more processing power. If you experience playback problems with multi-channel HX/NX16 video, select high resolution for channels of interest, and display other channels in low resolution to reduce the load on your computer’s system resources.

There are two ways to select the resolution:

  1. Select all
    • With video from HX/NX16 displayed, click Options and then Resolution to access the resolution menu.
    • Click All High or All Low to have all cameras display in the same resolution.
  1. Select each
    • In a selected video display channel, select H or L to view the video in high or low resolution as preferred.

Zoom and Dock

vMax View allows users to zoom in and out between – x0.25 and + x8 on any camera view. Zoom in (+) and Zoom out () icons appear on the upper-left corner of the window when the mouse cursor is placed on it.

vMax View also offers the option to dock and undock any camera view. The respective icons are displayed on the upper-right corner of the window when the mouse cursor is placed on it.