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Opening and Validating Video Archives

vMax View can play video from DVR hard drives and SD cards, but it can also play existing video archives that have been stored in a computer. Users can operate vMax View to play Seon .avr and .avs archived files, depending on the DVR model used to record the video.

Opening an Existing Video Archive

To open video previously archived in vMax View or downloaded with vMax Commander, Seon’s video surveillance management software, follow these steps:

  1. From the Video Selection drop down list, select Load File.
  2. Click File and then Open to browse through your computer’s local storage to open a Seon DVR archive (*.avr or *.avs).
  1. Within the selection window, select a file.
  2. Click Open at the bottom of the window.
  3. In vMax View, click the Play/Pause button to start the video playback.

WARNING: Unable to Load Video

When vMax View detects media from an attached DVR (hard drive or SD card) that is not compatible with its current version, it will pop a warning message stating that the program is “Unable to Load Video”. If this happens, please contact the Seon Service team to update your vMax View software.

Validating an Existing Video Archive

Validation is a process that guarantees the integrity of original video footage. After confirming that the file is not corrupted and has not been modified, users could present it as evidence in a court of law if it became necessary.
Seon archive video is automatically checked for validity whenever users create an .avr format archive from the downloaded file. In addition, the vMax View Validate Archive feature verifies the integrity of Seon format archives previously saved as .avr files:

    • If the file is validated, it can be archived.
    • If it is corrupted or modified, it can be archived but not validated. This means its integrity can’t be confirmed.

NOTE: Validation Applicability

    • Archives created from H or NX series cannot be validated.
    • Only .avr archives created in vMax View 4.2.0 and up or downloaded from a DVR by vMax Commander v5.7 and up can be validated.
    • The Validate Archive function does not operate or apply when creating new archives from archive files that were created with earlier versions of vMax View.

To Validate a Seon video archive:

    • Click on the vMax View File tab and then Open. A new File Selection window opens.
    • Within the selection window, choose an archive created in vMax View 4.2.0 and up or downloaded by vMax Commander 5.7 and up by clicking on it and then click Open at the bottom of the window.
    • Within the File menu, click Validate Archive. An Archive Validation dialog appears, as well as archive status information beside the progress bar.
  1. If the Archive Validation dialog says Archive has been Validated, click OK and the file will open ready for viewing or re-archiving.
  1. If the Archive Validation dialog says Archive has been corrupted or modified, click OK and the file will open. This file can be played but cannot be validated.