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Selecting Privacy Zones

The Select Privacy Zones tool allows users to blur certain areas on the recorded video to preserve passengers’ privacy. However, users must archive video clips in Windows Media Video (.wmv) or Audio Video Interleaved (.avi) formats in order for this option to become available.

To create privacy zones while archiving a video clip, follow these steps:

  1. After selecting the Start and End point of the clip to be archived and clicking the Archive button, choose Select Privacy Zones within the Save window. Review Archiving Video by Date and Time for more details.
  2. Click Save and the Privacy Selection window will appear showing the available camera views (see following figure).
  1. Drag the mouse cursor on those areas that need to be blurred on each camera view. You can select multiple areas following this method.
  2. Reset your Privacy Areas by clicking the Clear Selections button if needed or return to the regular operation menu by clicking on the Exit button.
  3. Click on the Next button to the left of the screen. A progress bar will be displayed while the file is being archived.

Now, when you play the archived Windows Media Video (.wmv) or Audio Video Interleaved (.avi) video clip, the selected Privacy Areas will look blurred and passengers won’t be recognized.