View First Steps 03

Configuring vMax View

Configuration Options

vMax View offers the possibility of setting custom configurations so that users can have the preferred view options displayed every time they launch the program. Let’s take a look at how default and custom configurations may differ:

A. Default – Displays 8 camera views only, based on the channel count of the DVR used to create the video file.

B. Custom – Displays 8 camera views and a map with GPS information.

Saving Your Preferred Configuration

Once you have set your view options the way you prefer:

  1. Access the Configuration menu by clicking Options in the toolbar and then Configuration. The tool will open the Display Configuration mode.
  2. Click Save Configuration. Notice that saving your configuration will also save your archiving settings, which can be selected by means of Archive Wizard. See Using Archive Wizard to review this topic.
  1. A new window opens. Enter a configuration name.
  2. Type in a description (optional).
  3. Click Save.

Loading an Existing Configuration

To load an existing configuration, repeat step 1 and click Load Configuration once the Display Configuration mode is shown. When the Load Configuration window appears, select the preferred Configuration, then click Load.

Resetting Default Configuration

To reset the Default Configuration, repeat step 1, click Reset Configuration once the Display Configuration mode is shown. When a warning message pops-up, click OK.