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Installing and Upgrading vMax View

vMax View requires administrator rights to the computer to install or upgrade the software but non-administrator users can run the software. Closing all programs and temporarily disabling virus protection before installing vMax View is recommended.

Installing vMax View

To install vMax View on a computer for the first time:

  1. Insert the vMax View software CD into your CD-Rom drive. The installer should launch automatically. If it doesn’t, access Seon vMax View v4.7.0.exe from your CD and double click on it. The Seon vMax View Self Extractor appears with a temporary unzipping
    location. Click Unzip.
  2. When the Seon vMax View Setup Wizard appears, click Next.
  1. When the License Agreement window is displayed, review the agreement and, if you accept, select I accept the Agreement to continue.
  2. Then click Next.
  1. A new Setup Destination Location window is shown. Seon recommends allowing installation in the default directory but you can always click on the Browse button to navigate and select a different location for vMax View if needed.
  2. Click Next.
  1. When the Select Additional Tasks window appears, check off Create a Desktop Icon if you want immediate access from your desktop.
  2. Check off Enable Login Support if you require login support for vMax View at your location.
  3. Click Next.
  1. When the Setup confirmation dialogue appears, click OK at the bottom of the window.
  1. When the Ready to Install window is displayed, verify the preferred settings and and click on the Install button. vMax View will be installed on your computer.
  1. A new window will let you know when the installation is complete. Click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.

Additional considerations before using the newly installed vMax View program

  • The Administrator must ensure that anyone who is going to be logging into vMax View has full read/write access to the folder where vMax View is installed on the PC. The image below shows the folder properties window. Use your PC browser to locate it and edit it if needed.
  • If you launch vMax View and your PC is running Windows 10 but .NET4.5 is not installed, you will get a message prompting you to download and install this framework from Microsoft. To do so:

    • Make sure you have an Internet connection.
    • If you are connected to the Internet, click Download and Install this Feature.
    • Once the installation is complete and verified, click Close.
    • Then, restart vMax View.

Upgrading vMax View

Seon will notify customers when a new version of vMax View becomes available. To upgrade vMax View, contact Seon Technical Support by phone or email. When your account information is verified, Seon will send you the executable installation file. After download is complete, locate and double click the application file. Then, within the Open File-Security Warning window, click Run. Then:

  • Click Next.
  • Follow the same 2 to 12 described for Installing vMax View in the Installation section.