vMax Live Track Fleet 03

Searching by Zone

How to Search by Zone

This search is particularly useful to track vehicles that enter, leave or are driven near specific areas of interest, such as schools, transit hubs or bus stops.
If you want to gather information on Fleet Vehicles based on specific Zones of interest, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Search panel by clicking on the Search bar on the left side of the screen. The Search panel will open.
  2. Select Vehicle Group from the drop-down menu.
    To learn how Groups are created in Fleet Settings, see the Adding and Editing Groups tutorial.
  3. Select Zone in the Type ID drop-down menu.
  4. Select the appropriate Zone in the corresponding drop-down menu.
    If necessary, you can create a custom search zone. See the next section Setting a Custom Zone to learn more.
  5. Select the preferred Date and enter the Time Range in the From-To fields.
    Check Next Day below if the event occurred over midnight.
  6. Select the corresponding icons to Include the preferred event types.
    You can also click the wheel on the right to set your search preferences. After selecting the desired events, click Save Preferences.
  7. Click Search. A new selection dialog listing available Vehicles appears.
  1. Select those Vehicles you are interested in by checking the corresponding boxes.
    Notice that you can select up to a maximum of five Vehicles at the same time to perform the Search. If you check more than five, a warning message will display prompting you to select the appropriate number of Vehicles.
  2. Once the Vehicles have been selected, click on the upper bar of the dialog to have vMax LIVE+ disclose the Search results.

The main screen will show the Map disclosing the Zone and the Search results. The corresponding History View table is found below.

Setting a Custom Zone

While searching by Zone, users can select existing reusable zones previously created in Fleet Settings. To learn more about this topic, see the section Adding or Editing Zones.
However, new Custom Zones can also be temporarily created to find out which vehicles were within or near certain areas at a particular time. Notice that these Zones will only be available for the duration of the user’s login.
To use a Custom Zone, follow steps 1 to 3 described in the previous Searching by Zone section and click Set Custom Zone. This will display an empty map of the area where you can easily create the Custom Zone. Then:

  1. Chose the first point on the map to start delimiting the preferred area and click on it. Click on up to 8 different boundary points. Once you have three points selected, which define a triangle, you can double-click to create the Custom Zone. However, you can still click on more points if you need a more precise delimitation.
  2. Once you have outlined the zone by setting the corresponding points, double click on the last point. The Custom Zone is created.

After the Zone is created, this is automatically drawn on the map. The dialog displays new buttons on the map. If needed, you can:

    • Click Draw Zone to start over.
    • Click Edit Zone to modify the Zone.
    • Click Recenter to have the Zone displayed in the center of the map if needed.
  1. Finally, click OK above the map if you are satisfied with the Zone delimitation.

The Search panel will now select and show Custom Zone within the Zone drop-down menu.

Back on the Search panel, if you already selected Date and Time Frame, follow steps 7, 8 and 9 as described for Searching by Zone in the previous section. Once finished, vMax LIVE+ will show the results based on the newly created Custom Zone.