vMax Live Track Fleet 01

Viewing Fleet Status

The Live View mode allows instant location and shows operating status of all active Vehicles in the Fleet.

Understanding Vehicle Status Display

As previously mentioned, different Vehicle Types (i.e. Car, Small Bus, Full Bus or Service Vehicle) display different icons. Those icons also present different colors depending on the Vehicle’s status.
In addition, other graphic elements can be added to the icons to indicate certain operating conditions. Let’s take a look at it in more detail now.
In the map:

  • A green Vehicle icon represents a Vehicle in operation. If it also displays a green indicator, it means that DVR is installed and also in operation.
  • A blue Vehicle icon represents a Vehicle that has recently been in operation but its ignition has been off between 10 min and 1 hour.
  • A gray Vehicle icon represents a Vehicle that is not in operation and its ignition has been off for over an hour. These are also referred as Stale Vehicles.

Accessing Detailed Information and Quick Actions

The mouse cursor can be used to obtain different kinds of information and perform several tasks directly from the Vehicle’s icon:

  • When mousing over a Vehicle’s icon in the map, the Vehicle’s ID is immediately displayed.
  • Detailed information on a specific Vehicle’s operating status can also be disclosed by clicking on its icon. For example, after clicking on Vehicle 41, a new window appears and shows:
    • Current – 2m 55s
    • Last seen: Mar 11, 2019, 11:17:04
    • Vehicle Type – Full Bus
    • Current Speed – 0 mph (the Vehicle has stopped)
    • Current Direction – W
    • Current Position – 46.725212,-122.99325
    • Ignition – On (also represented by the green color of the Vehicle’s icon)
    • DVR Status – Failure. A crossed out and a red light over the camera icon indicates one of the cameras had a failure event.
    • Disk Status – OK
  • In addition, several quick action commands can be accessed by right-clicking on a Vehicle’s icon:
    • Edit and View
    • Alarms
    • Get current Address instantly
    • Disclose Ghost Trail
    • Activate Following feature
    • Disclose Occupant list

Quick Action Buttons

  • Ghost Trail displays the route a Vehicle has followed during the previous hour. When clicking Ghost Trail, the system takes you to Search mode and discloses such route on the Map.
  • Edit/View gives administrative users immediate access to the Vehicle/DVR/Alarm menu available in Fleet Settings. See the Fleet Settings tutorial to gain a better understanding of how that works.
  • Follow centers the Vehicle in the Map View as it travels. This helps the user easily see the vehicle at all times. A Following window appears to the right of the map and displays the Vehicle ID. To stop using this feature, click the X on the corner of the Following window.