vMax Live Routes 01

Managing Routes

The Routes Tool

The vMax LIVE+ Routes tool allows fleet administrators to disclose a list of all existing Routes. The tool can be accessed by clicking the Routes button located in the top bar of the vMax LIVE+ main screen.
Remember that Routes, as mentioned in the User Interface section, is an add-on to vMax AVL service that requires activation.
Once the Route menu is available, users can add or edit Routes, and print or export the list to an .csv file, such as Excel spreadsheets, by clicking the respective buttons.

Buttons to navigate through the list are located at the bottom of the window.

Adding a New Route

To add a New Route, first click the Add button on the upper-right area of the Routes tab menu.
Once the Route menu displays follow these steps:

  1. Enter a Route ID and select a Route Type from the drop-down menu.
    These two fields are required.
  2. Check the appropriate Days of Week.
  3. Enter the Start and End times.
    These are also required fields.
  4. If needed, enter Maximum Load, Route Duration Loaded and Total, Route Distance Loaded and Total.

Among the parameters included in the Route menu, two specific fields allow Vehicle and Driver Dispatch.

  1. Select the Vehicle and the Driver to be assigned to the Route in their respective drop-down menus.
  2. Click Save (or Cancel to exit the Route window and return to the Route list).

TIP: Dispatch

Notice that Dispatch of Vehicles and Drivers is done with the aid of their respective drop-down menus located in the lower area of the Route menu.

Editing an Existing Route

To edit a Route already in the system, select the Route from the list by clicking on it. When the Route menu, which is identical to the one in the previous figure, displays:

  1. With the exception of Route ID, which is not editable, modify any parameters in the dialog as needed. These include:
    • Maximum Load.
    • Route Duration Loaded and Total.
    • Route Distance Loaded and Total.
    • Vehicle and Driver to be assigned to the Route.
  1. Click Save when you finish editing the required information (or click Cancel to exit the dialog and return to the Route list).