vMax Live Reports 01

Generating Reports

The Reports Tool

The Reports tool allows users to create and schedule several report types containing different kinds of information on Vehicles and Facilities.
This tool can be accessed by clicking on the Reports button located in the main toolbar of vMax LIVE+. When opened, the Reports Module automatically displays the currently available Reports in a table that also includes Status and Parameters used to generate them.
The list showing Available Reports is updated after creating new Reports.
Each Report type can be Instant or Scheduled. Instant Reports are immediately generated with information requested for a specific date and time range. Scheduled Reports are recurring and gather the information for a specific time range daily, weekly, or monthly, for as long as required until the Report is finally generated.
The availability of the Reports varies depending on the recurrence specified during their creation: 1 day for Instant Reports,
3 days for Schedule Daily Reports, 1 week for Schedule Weekly Reports and 1 month for Schedule Monthly Reports.

Understanding Report Types

vMax LIVE+ offers different types of Reports that can be accessed from the Reports toolbar:

  • Summary: Lists the recorded behaviors of Fleet Vehicles.
  • Stop Duration Detail: Shows how often and for how long Vehicles have received signals from door or stop arm triggers.
  • Idling Duration Detail: Shows how often and for how long Vehicles have been idling for longer than a preset time length.
  • Alarms History: Lists all instances where alarm events were detected on Fleet Vehicles.
  • Ridership: Lists instances where a rider was picked up or dropped off, as detected by ID card reader devices.
  • Driver Attendance: Shows when Drivers get on and off vehicles equipped ID card reader devices.
  • Geofencing: Monitors when Vehicles arrive at or depart from certain areas of interest such as schools, transit loops or even individual stops, based on the DVR’s downloaded historical GPS data.
  • Log: Tracks activities that users perform, such as, login, DVR configuration, firmware updates, Report requests, etc.
  • External: Call Seon at 1-877-630-7366 for other External Reports.

NOTE: Summary, Stop Duration, Idling and Alarms Reports can be based on Vehicle, assigned Driver or Route search.