vMax Live Integrations 03

Accessing and Configuring Events

Under Asset Collections, the Events tab offers vMax Live+ users a list of default icons (selectable within the Search pane) that notify the occurrence of specific Events such as Cold Start, Drop Off or Geofence. To review how these work, see the Searching Vehicle Activity Data section.

In addition to the available default Event Types, other Events can also be customized for user convenience. These Events are linked to a numbered icon and are classified as custom in the Type column.

The Actions column displays an Edit button next to each custom Event which allows its configuration.

To customize an Event, click the Edit icon to have the Event Details window displayed. Then:

  • Enter the Name you want to assign to the Event.
  • Check the corresponding box if you want the Event to represent an Alarm.
  • Select the Icon to be linked to the Event in the provided drop-down menu.
  • Click Save on the lower-right corner of the window.