vMax Live Integrations 02

Assigning Devices through Asset Collections

Devices can be grouped in Asset Collections and these associated to fleet vehicles.

To Access Asset Collections

After you have accessed the Integrations module by clicking the corresponding button on the main screen toolbar, click the Asset Collections tab on the left. The Asset Collections window displays a list of the existing Asset Collections and includes information on Asset Collection ID, Vehicle ID (i.e., ID of the vehicle to which the device is associated), Notes, Sources (accounts), and Actions (editing and deleting).

To Create a New Asset Collection

Click the New button above the upper-right corner of the table (see previous image). The Asset Collections Details screen displays.

In the Asset Collection Details screen:

  1. Select the Vehicle ID.
  2. Enter any Notes if needed.
  3. Select Integration Account (See the Integrations section for more details).
  4. Select the Device ID.
  5. If the Device ID can’t be found in the drop-down menu, click Synchronize to update the list of devices and try again.
  6. Once selected, click Add. The Asset Collection will be automatically listed in the table.
  7. Click Save on the lower-right corner of the screen.

To Create a New Vehicle

Sometimes a user may need to create a new Vehicle before proceeding to the association of Asset Collections.
If that is your case,

  • Click the Add button located next to the Vehicle ID drop-down menu. See the previous image for a more detailed view.

When the Vehicle Details window opens:

  • Enter Vehicle ID.
  • Select Vehicle Type.
  • Select Vehicle Group.
  • Click Save.

Notice that all these fields are mandatory.

Now that the Vehicle has been created, you can go back to the previous section and follow the steps necessary to assign an Asset Collection.