vMax Live Integrations 01

Managing Integrations

As part of the AVL system, Integrations is only accessible to users with specific permissions. vMax Live users can manage their integrations, devices associated to their fleet and event lists through this module.

To perform these tasks, the module combines three different tools:

  • Integrations allows the registration of Zonar AVL accounts in order to receive GPS and Events from Zonar systems.
  • Through Asset Collections, users can link AVL devices to specific vehicles in their fleet.
  • Events gives access to the default and configurable events list.

To Access Integrations

Click the Integrations button on the main toolbar. When the Integrations window is displayed, click the Enable button. A confirmation message appears on the right for a few seconds

Click the Settings button, represented by a wheel icon. A list of the existing accounts is disclosed and provides information on Account ID, Name, Customer Name, Event Definitions and possible Actions.

To Create an Account

Click the New button located above the upper-right corner of the table (see previous image).
When the New Account window opens:

  1. Enter the Account Name.
  2. Enter the URL that provides AVL service.
  3. Type your Login and Password.
  4. Enter a Customer’s Name.
  5. Select the appropriate Device ID Type from the drop-down menu.

Notice that all the text fields are mandatory. In addition to the previous information, select:

  1. Enable if you want to keep the account active. Otherwise, deselect this option.
  2. Secure Connection if you are using Hyper Text Protocol Secure (https). If not, deselect this option.