vMax Live Fleet 05

Adding or Editing Zones

Remember that Zones are shaped map areas that users can create in vMax LIVE+ to monitor Vehicle and Driver activity within certain areas of interest. See Searching by Zone and Setting a Custom Zone to review this topic.
Under Zones, click on the Add button if you want to add a new Zone or click on an existing one (underlined) to edit its corresponding information.

To add a new Zone, when the Zone window appears:

  1. Click on the Draw Zone button and then on up to eight different boundary points on the map to select the preferred Zone. After selecting three points, which define a triangle, the new Zone can be created by double-clicking on the last point. However, you can still click on more points (up to 8) if you need a more precise delimitation.
  2. Once you have outlined the Zone by setting the corresponding points, double-click on the last point. The Zone will be created.
  3. Add a Zone ID (required) and a Description (optional).
  4. Click Save.

To edit an existing Zone:

  1. If you want to change the description, enter a new one in the corresponding text box.
  2. If you need to redefine the area, click Edit Zone and drag the points to a new preferred location.
  3. Click the Finish button.
  4. Then, click Save.