vMax Live Fleet 04

Adding or Editing Facilities

Before Editing, notice that the menu under Facilities offers several options to make the selection process easier:

  1. You can click Show Filters if you want to enable this option. Entries can be filtered by Name, Longitude, Latitude or Facility Type.
  1. Click Include Stops if you prefer to have these listed together with the other Facilities.
  2. Select Show Inactive Facilities if necessary. You can also delete any Facility by clicking the Delete button under the Actions column.

Now, under the Facilities tab, click  the Add button if you want to add a new Facility, or click on an existing Facility to edit the corresponding information.

When the Facility Menu appears:

  1. Enter a new Name or edit the existing one (required field).
  2. If needed, add a new Description or edit the existing one.
  3. Drag the Map to move the red location icon to the appropriate place. As you do this, the Latitude and Longitude values and the complete address change in their respective text boxes. Otherwise, if you know the coordinates, enter those values manually or use the up-down arrows to modify them. The address will also be shown below.
    If you know the exact street address, you can enter this (including city, state and zip code) in the optional Find Address text box and click the magnifier icon to disclose the coordinates. The system will also disclose its position in the Map.
  4. Choose the correct Facility Type (required field) from the provided drop-down menu.
    There are basically four preset types of Facilities that can be selected: School, Office, Garage and Stop. However, the option Other allows users to define new types as needed. Each type has a specific icon assigned that will display in the Map.
    If School is selected, a School Code becomes a required field. Its value has to be entered in the text box that appears below.
  5. Click Save (or click Cancel to exit menu).

TIP: After Creating Facilities

If you create a new Facility, this will be added in the Facilities list. Remember that you can always delete a Facility by clicking the bin icon in the Actions column and navigate the list pages with the aid of the corresponding buttons located below.