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Provisioning Smart-Reach Cellular

This tutorial will provide instructions on how to provision Smart-Reach Cellular devices.


Before you proceed…

Now that you have installed the Smart-Reach Cellular device, you will need to access the Safe Fleet Cloud Application Suite to finalize the process online. But before proceeding, make sure you complete the following checklist:

  • Have ….
  • Check the controller’s LEDs to make sure they indicate appropriate operational status.
  • Know the Fleet ID and the Single Sign On email and password to be used when logging into AVL GPS Tracking application.


Logging In

To complete online setup, browse to https://vmaxlive.net/. When the Fleet ID window appears:

    • Enter your Fleet ID.
    • Click Continue. If the Fleet ID is correct, a Login dialog will be displayed.

In the Login dialog:

    • Enter your Email and Password in the provided fields.
    • Click Log in.


Launching the Video Management Application

Click the Video Management button in the main toolbar.

When the Video Management panel appears on the left of the screen, find and click Fleet Settings in the vertical toolbar.

Ensure that the following happens:

  • Video Management application is launched.
  • Fleet Settings tables are displayed.


Finding Your Vehicle

Within Fleet Settings:

    • Click the Vehicles tab. The Vehicles table is displayed.
    • Find and click your Vehicle ID under the left column of the table. The Vehicle dialog appears.
MDT with Navigator route information

Ensure that the following happens:

  • The Vehicle dialog appears.


Configuring the DVR

Click the DVR tab to have the corresponding dialog displayed. Within the DVR dialog:

  1. Make sure that correct DVR Type and Streaming Type are selected.
  2. Enter your Username and Password to allow the Video Management application (Commander) communicate with the DVR.
  3. Select Download Telemetry if required.
  4. Select Live Streaming Connection to enable live streaming and vehicle’s cellular router configuration. Enter the IP Address, Hardware Port, and Streaming Port. Notice that Safe Fleet is using 8181 as the Hardware Port in the default configuration.
  5. Click Save, or Save and Close if you would like to exit this dialog.

Ensure that the following happens:

  • The DVR Configuration is saved.
  • GPS is verified on the recorder.
  • The Network LED turns solid green indicating successful connection.

NOTE: Verify GPS on the recorder

Turn on the recorder’s GPS display and time and set it to the correct time zone. For more information, see the recorder documentation in the Safe Fleet Community Document Library (Current Documents –> Recorders).

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