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Logging into SF Navigator

This tutorial will provide instructions on how to log into the Safe Fleet MDT and test that the Navigator is working. The procedure outlined assumes that you’ve already installed the MDT, that there is power to the vehicle, and that the device powers up with vehicle ignition. If none of these conditions are met, do not proceed with this tutorial until you resolve the issues. 


Before you proceed…

Did you do the following?

  • Take note of the DeviceID (IMEI) number of each MDT you’ve installed.
  • Verify that the MDT screen turns on with vehicle ignition


Launching Application

After you turn on the vehicle ignition, you might see a screen with application icons. If the MDT is shipped with multiple applications, you’ll need to select the application that you want to verify. In this case, you’ll need to select Safe Fleet Navigator. If you do not see an application screen, you can ignore this step.

Did you do the following?

  • Select the Safe Fleet Navigator application icon. 


Logging In

If your customer’s MDT was shipped with only one application, you’ll be directed to the Safe Fleet Login screen immediately after you turn on the ignition. Using the credentials supplied by Safe Fleet (use your installer credentials, not the customer’s login information), enter your email and password.

Do not select the Remember my account option. Tap the Log In button once you’ve entered your credentials. 


Ensure that the following happens:

  • Get your installer credentials (login email and password) from Safe Fleet.
  • Do NOT check the Remember my account box.
  • Tap Log in button


Verifying Information

For customers using Safe Fleet Navigator on the MDT, the first screen you should see after logging in is the Route Information screen. On this screen, you should see some data as well as a Navigate button.

As an installer, this is the extent of the verification procedure. If you see route data, then the MDT is successfully communicating with the Safe Fleet servers via cellular network. Your installation was successful and all components are operational.

If you log in and see that there is a Route Information screen, but there is no data or Navigate button, then this could be due to several factors:

  1. It’s possible that the SIM card inside the MDT is not active, and therefor unable to communicate with the Safe Fleet servers. As an installer, you cannot troubleshoot SIM card issues. You’ll need to inform the customer that you cannot see any data, the customer will have to contact Safe Fleet support to troubleshoot.
MDT with Navigator route information

Ensure that the following happens:

  • Route Information appears with a Navigate button on the right
  • If there is no Route Information, inform the customer.

Troubleshooting SureLock Issues


SureLock on App Screen

When you first launch the Navigator application, you might notice a pop-up error that says “Seon SureLock Isn’t responding”. This error does not occur often, but when it does, you’ll simply need to click the Close app button and relaunch the application.

MDT with Navigator route information


SureLock on Login Screen

If you are on the Safe Fleet login screen, you might see a “Thank you for trying SureLock” pop-up. This message can be ignored by tapping anywhere outside the pop-up window. Once the message disappears, you can resume logging in as normal.

MDT with Navigator route information

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