KB-4030 test 123

Version: ALPR Server 2.0 and below (To be fixed in release ALPR 2.1)

Issue: There are orphaned jpegs and events in the incoming directory. The ALPR creator service is trying to process them over and over, making the log files extremely large.

You will see Failed-to-process trigger:


Solution: Free up some space on the /usr partition. You can remove some of the oldest log files, but try to leave at least the last week’s log files.

  1. Modify the log4j-mvi.propertiesfile located in the /fb/tomcat/webapps/alertvu/WEB-INF/classes/ directory:
    1. Remove the orphaned jpg files and event files that are in the log.
    2. Change DEBUG to INFO in the following lines:
      Log4j.logger.com.mobilevision.alpr=INFO, FILE
      Log4j.logger.com.mobilevision.common=INFO, FILE
      Log4j.logger.com.mobilevision .alpr.web.applet=INFO, STDOUT
  2. Save the file.
  3. Restart Flashback.
  4. Clean the orphaned jpgand event files from the /fbdata/##/alpr/incoming/ If you’re not sure which files to remove, see the current log file that used up the free space.
  5. To verify that the issue is resolved, tail the current EventCreatorServicelog file; watch for errors and see if it grows too large in a short period of time.


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