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Welcome to the Passenger Transportation documentation page.

Here you’ll find a library of install, user, and other customer-facing documents for our current and end-of-life products, respectively held in the Documents and Archives sections. Note that, since the latter are end-of-life products, we will no longer support or update the documentation.

To make things easier, we’ve also grouped the documents into categories. Use the filters provided in each section to quickly jump between different product categories. 

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DH4C Guides

17 Jul 20

Installation guides are now available for our newest DH4C recording system. You can find these guides in our Recorder section below. 

Current Documents

NH Series

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    NH16 Guides

    NH Spec Sheets/Brochures

    NH Release Notes

DH Series

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    DH4/4C Guides

    DH4/4C Spec Sheets/Brochures

    DH4/4C Release Notes

TH Series

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    TH8 Guides

    TH6 Guides

    TH4/4C Guides

    TH Series Spec Sheets

    TH Series Release Notes

MV Series

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    MV Guides

    MV Spec Sheets/Brochures

    MV Series Release Notes

DS Series

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    DS Guides

    DS Spec Sheets/Brochures

    MV Series Release Notes

Recorder Accessories

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    All Recorders

    NH, DH, and TH8 v2.0 Only

    NH Only

    TH8 v2.0 Only

IP Cameras

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    IP Guides

    IP Camera Spec Sheets

AHD Cameras

Analog Cameras

Cameras Accessories


Live GPS

Safe Fleet Cloud Suite (CSLP)

Video Software

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    Playback Software

    Management Software

Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)

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    MDT Hardware

    MDT Software

Public Display Monitors (PDM)

Collision Avoidance Systems

Student Tracking

Predictive Stop Arm (PSA)

Misc Accessories

Compass Route Builder

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    User Guide

    Release Notes

Compass Dispatch

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School Bus Hub

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Field Trip Planner

Fleet Maintenance

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Archived Documents

Seon Recorders

MobileView Recorders

Cameras & Cam Accessories




Software Docs

Miscellaneous Docs

Compass Docs

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