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Welcome to the Passenger Transportation product documentation page. Here you’ll find a library of install guides, user guides, and other customer-facing documents for our current and EOL (end-of-life) products.

All documents are grouped by product name. Click each product name tile to open a list of current and archived documents for that specific product.

Note that the archives contains documentation for product we may no longer sell or support. Some of the information contained in these (archived) guides may be out of date and inaccurate. Please download and use at your own risk. 

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To help you find school bus and transit product documentation easier, we’ve added this document search bar. Note that this search function will ONLY return document files (PDF and Word) related to the SFPT product family.

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Document News

New SFPT Document Page

28 Oct 2020

We’ve made some big changes to this page. All of our documents are now grouped into Product Tiles. Each tile will take you to a list of every document we have for that product.

In our Current Documents section, we’ve listed our currently supported products. If a product does not appear in this section, then it may be End of Life (EOL). Visit our Archive sections for a complete list of EOL Seon and MobileView products.

New Safe Fleet Cloud Release Notes

29 Oct 20

We’ve recently updated our Safe Fleet Cloud application suite. Commander has been updated to v5.30, and Stream has been updated to v2.1. Customer Release Notes (CRN) have been written to highlight some of the important changes in these two applications. You can find these latest release notes in the Safe Fleet Cloud Suite document tile below.



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