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Welcome to the Waste & Recycling product documentation page. Here you’ll find a library of install guides, user guides, and other customer-facing documents for our current and EOL (end-of-life) products.

All documents are grouped by product name. Click each product name tile to open a list of current and archived documents for that specific product.

Note that the archives contain documentation for products we may no longer sell or support. Some of the information contained in these (archived) guides may be out of date and inaccurate. Please download and use at your own risk. 

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Latest Documentation News

Updated Waste & Recycling Warranty

11 Jan 21

We’ve recently updated our Waste & Recycling (Fleetmind) product warranty document. You can find the latest warranty in the footer of every page on this site. Jump to warranty in the footer.

Fleetmind v20.3 Customer Release Notes

23 Nov 20
The latest release of the Fleetmind suite of applications is now available. A v20.3 document outlining the new features, improvements, and resolved issues can be found in the Customer Release Notes document grid below.

Customer Incentive Program

FleetMind appreciates your loyalty and service during these difficult times. With the 3G service closure, FleetMind would like to honor the critical and extra miles you go by helping you upgrade your on-board smart truck systems. Learn more about this program through our brochure.

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