Path Students 01

The Students Database


The Students Database essentially allows users to view and manage Student data. When clicking on its button, located on the left pane, a table listing all Students existing in the system displays.
The list only shows Student ID, Name, Card ID, if the Student has Special Needs and if the Student is Active or not, but a complete file with detailed information can be accessed and edited by clicking on the Edit button located next to each Student entry under the Actions column.
Since edit (update student) and add (create student) dialogs are identical, see the following section Adding Students Manually to see a detailed description of the student information that can be edited.
Users can filter the Students entry list by partially entering the appropriate text in the corresponding text boxes located under the column headers and selecting the preferred matching entries when these are disclosed.

Notice that Special Needs and Active status can be selected or deselected by means of their respective drop-down menus. Selecting “Yes” will disclose those Students to whom the parameter applies. Selecting “No” will do the opposite.
When any of these filters are set, a Clear button appears next to the drop-down dialog. This allows the user to undo the selection so that the list will return to “all”.

Adding Students Manually

From the Students dialog, users can also add Students manually.
To do so, click the Add button located on the upper-right corner of the Students dialog. A new Create Student dialog showing fields to input Student’s relevant information and grouped into 5 different sections is displayed. Once available, fill in the information as follows:

  1. Student Info – Enter Student ID, Last, First and Middle Name. Enter or select Date of Birth in the provided calendar. Select Gender. Select School in the available drop-down dialog. Enter Grade, Ethnicity and Card ID.
  2. Geocode – Enter Latitude and Longitude of the Student’s residence and the Student’s actual address.
  3. Special Needs – Select Special Needs, Aide or Wheelchair if appropriate. Then, type any additional comments if needed.
  4. Parent/Guardian Contact Info – Enter Last, First and Middle Name of a parent or guardian. Also enter and Address and Phone Number and add any Comments if necessary.
  5. Activate/Deactivate – Keep Active selected (by default) if that is the Student’s status. Otherwise, deselect it.
  6. Finally, click Save at the bottom of the screen (or Cancel to disregard the file created).