Path Routes 05

Modifying Routes in the Map

Routes can also be easily modified directly in the Map. To do, so enter the Edit mode by clicking the Edit icon from the Route, Stops or Directions dialog. Then:

  1. Locate the section you want to modify. You’ll see the points indicating the directions at every intersection.
  2. By hovering your mouse over the path, find a dot that displays drag to change route. Make sure you drag and drop the dot on the place of your preference in the map, so that the new Route matches the directions you would like the driver to follow.
  1. Find the Update button at the bottom of the screen and click on it. The new Route will be displayed as you have designed it. Otherwise, click Cancel if you want to start over.

The resulting Route is displayed on the map. The new Stop list and the corresponding information is also updated in the Stops dialog pane on the right of the screen.