Path Routes 04

Adding or Editing Students Assigned to Stops


The list of Students assigned to each specific Stop can be accessed by clicking on the Students button located on the upper-right corner of the map. From this menu, users can add new Students to the Stops or edit the existing information.
The Student list can be sorted by Name or ID by clicking in the corresponding column headers. In addition, users can filter the entries by partially typing the Student’s name or ID in the provided text boxes, and selecting the appropriate Student once the matching results are disclosed. This may be especially useful when the list is too long and specific Students need to be found.

Before adding or editing Students, the corresponding buttons need to be enabled by clicking on the Edit button of the Students dialog (upper-right corner). After doing so, the Edit button is replaced by an Add Students button, and the Edit buttons shown next to each entry become active (darker blue).

To Add Students to Stops

  1. Click Add Students. A table that shows the complete list of Students is disclosed.
  1. Find the Student in the list and click on Pick Up to the right. Select the appropriate Stop from the provided drop-down menu.
  2. Click on Drop Off and select the Stop from the drop-down menu.
  3. Once both Stops are selected, the Add Stop (+) is enabled. Click on it.

Notice that Students already assigned to a specific Stop are followed by a -Remove Stop button. Click the Remove Stop button to delete the Stop information.

To Edit Stops Linked to the Students

  1. In the Students menu, once the Add and the Edit buttons are enabled, click Edit.
  1. Select the appropriate Pick-Up Stop to which the Student will be assigned from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the appropriate Drop-Off Stop below.
  3. Click the Check button.

TIP: Pick-Up and Drop-Off

When adding or editing a Student’s Stop, remember that this will always have a Pick-Up and a Drop-Off location.