Path Routes 02

Finding and Editing Existing Routes

Finding Existing Routes in the Route List

As mentioned in the User Interface section, clicking on the Route List button located on the left of Path’s main screen displays a new section listing all the Routes currently existing in the system.

This tool enables the following features:

  1. In order to make Route search easier, a Filter option is provided. Users can partially enter a name or ID until matching Routes are disclosed, and then select the Route of interest.
  2. Each entry in that list shows the Route ID, the Vehicle, the Driver, the Route Type, number of Stops and Days of the Week.
    Clicking the View icon (shown as a circle) displays the Route in the Map, and clicking once more hides it again.
  3. A Delete button is also located together with every entry, allowing users to remove these from the list.
  4. When a Route is selected, a new Route dialog displays on the right of the screen.
    This holds an Edit button (upper-right corner) which lets users edit the Route configuration.
  5. A specific +Create Route button gives access to the Create Route feature that allows the creation of a new Route directly from this menu. To see how this works, read the Generating New Routes section.

Editing Created Routes

Routes can be modified after they have been created and saved. If you want to modify an existing route, you need to find it and select it from the list first. You can review how to find Routes in the previous section Finding Existing Routes in the List.

Once a Route is selected and the Route tool displayed on the right of the screen, this can be modified by editing the information shown in the different Route menus, i.e., Route, Stops and Students.

Directions are the reflection of the Stop sequence and are not directly editable. However, if the Stop sequence is changed, the directions will also readjust.

To modify a Route, follow these steps:

  1. In the Route menu, click the Edit button located on the right. This will be hidden and the menu will become editable.

You can now edit the information displayed in the different fields as explained in the section Generating Routes Based on a Selected Path.

  1. Access the Stops menu to edit any Stop’s specifications. You can:
    • Input new information in the Address and Arrival Time fields.
    • Check the Students assigned to the Stop by clicking the Stop-Students button (in the figure, blue button on the right of the dialog). The Students’ names and IDs are displayed below.
    • Remove Students from that Stop by clicking the Delete (red bin) button.
  1. Each Stop displays a Shift time button next to the Arrival time. This allows the delay or advance of the Vehicle’s arrival at all Stops before or after the reference Stop (the one used to Shift time). To do so:
    • Click Shift time.
    • Click Remove or Add to delay or advance the arrival time respectively. Use the slider to specify the number of minutes.
    • Click Before or After to indicate which Stops will be affected by this change.
    • Click OK.