Path Routes 01

Generating Routes Based on a Selected Path

Generate a Route

After selecting a Path from the list and when the Route pane is available (see previous section), enter the information as follows:

  1. Enter a Route ID for the new Route you are going to create (required field). To avoid confusion, notice that when a Route ID is entered in the corresponding text box, the Create Route title at the top of the dialog becomes Route.
  2. Select a Route Type from the drop-down menu (i.e., None, Inbound or Outbound).
  3. Check the appropriate Days of Week that will be assigned to this Route.

Notice that the Time and Distance section is not editable since the information is based on real data collected by the Vehicle.

  1. Select the preferred Vehicle if different from the current one in the Dispatch Information section below.
  2. Select the Driver to be assigned to the Route.
  3. Click Save below. If the Route is created successfully, a message indicating so will pop up. Then click OK.