Path First Steps 02

User Interface

Overview of Tools

Once Path is accessed, the User Interface displays the main screen with the following features:

Left Pane Tools

The left pane toolset holds:

  1. The Search discloses the Search pane.
  2. Route List gives access to the Route Search and Create Route tools.
  3. The Home button displays the main screen again when working within a different module such as Data Tools or Students.
  4. Fleet Settings – Accesses the Fleet Settings menu. This allows fleet administrators to set the configuration and defaults of all the Fleet components.
  5. Data Tools – Enables users to autonomously map and upload Student files from other information systems.
  6. Students – Gives access to the Student Database managing tool.
  7. The User button – Discloses the User Settings menu, that includes Name, Email, Password, Cell phone and Language.
  8. Logout button.

Map Tools

The map also holds:

  1. Find address or place tool.
  2. Zoom in/out buttons.
  3. Layers tool allows the selection of Base Map and Layer options.

Accessing Other Applications

The top-right corner of the screen contains an expand/collapse tool that allows users to disclose or hide the access buttons to other vMax Suite applications.

By clicking on them, you can move from Path to:

  • AVL GPS Tracking
  • Video Management
  • Live Stream