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Seon Path is a daily operational routing tool that is specially designed to allow small school districts to create bus Routes, manage Student and Stop lists, and deploy directions for Vehicle drivers.

What does Path do?

  • Seon Path automatically creates Routes from telemetry data provided by the devices installed in the Fleet Vehicles. The system collects position data from the GPS hardware together with speed and timing information.
  • Stop locations are identified by stop arm deployment or pre-configured speed/time events along the Vehicle’s run, and Student loading data is collected via RFID technology.
  • Based on ESRI maps, the system recreates the Route using the gathered information and provides summaries, driver directions and basic reports to managers and transportation personnel.

The following figure illustrates how a Path described by a Vehicle is shown on the map, including Stops and initial and final points.

Login and Launch

  1. Enter your Fleet ID (provided by Seon)
  2. Click Continue. If confirmed, a similar new window appears.
  3. Enter your User ID and your Password.
  4. Click Login.

Setting User ID and Password and Logging Out

The User Name button, located to the right of the vMax Live Plus toolbar, gives access to two different functionalities through a drop-down menu:

  • My Settings allows users to update their own account information.
  • Log Out is used to terminate the session and exit vMax Live Plus.

To access any of them:

  1. Click the user settings button located on the lower-left corner of the screen.
  1. Once disclosed, update your account information and edit the user settings as needed. Notice that:
    • User Name, Last Name and Email are required fields (indicated by a red asterisk).
    • The rest of the fields, i.e. Cell Number, Password and Language, are optional.

When entering a New Password, a colored box will show the password strength (red, orange or green).

Language can be selected from its corresponding drop-down menu.

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