Path Fleet 01

Introduction to Fleet Settings


The Fleet Settings module allows fleet administrators to set the configuration and defaults of all the Fleet components. This can be accessed by clicking the corresponding button located on the left pane.

Within Fleet Settings, several tabs give access to the Users, Fleet, Permissions, Drivers, Groups, Vehicle Types, Vehicles Facilities and Zones and Video Categories dialogs. With the exception of Fleet and Permissions, these dialogs display editable entry lists.

Based on the Users dialog as an example, the following sections will walk you through the basic tasks you need to know in order to manage entries in Fleet Settings.

Searching Entries in Fleet Settings

For a more convenient display of the information, entry lists in Fleet Settings can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. Entries can also be filtered by using the corresponding Filter button. To filter entries in the Users list:

  1. Find Fleet Settings in the toolbar and click on it. By default, the Users list will be displayed. Again, the Filter button can be found above the list, and Page navigation buttons are located above and below.
  2. Click the Filter icon to enable the filter row. A new row holding empty text boxes appears under the column headers and a new Filter icon appears under the Actions column header (see following figure).
  1. Enter the appropriate search values you want to use as filters in the corresponding text boxes. Select from drop-down dialogs or calendars where provided.
  2. Click the Filter icon in the Actions column and the rows will be reorganized to show only the resulting filtered entries.
    Remember that, once the filter is set, a new Clear Filter icon is also disclosed under the Actions column header. If you decide not to use the selected filter, click the Clear Filter icon. The list will be shown again as it was before applying the filter. Then, you can disregard filtering or apply new filter options to your search.

Deleting Entries

Users can easily delete one or more existing entries from these lists if necessary.

To delete an entry:

  1. Click on the Delete button (trash bin icon) on the right of the entry row you want to delete.
  2. After a confirmation dialog appears, click Yes to deactivate the record.
  3. Close the confirmation by clicking the X on the corner.

Restoring Entries

Maintaining database integrity requires that entries are not completely removed but kept inactive when deleted. As a result, deleted entries can still be restored to active status later.
To restore deleted entries:

  1. Click Filter at the top of the list.
  2. Check the Show Deleted Records box that appears on the upper row of the Actions column to disclose all deleted records.
  3. Click the Undelete icons displayed next to the deleted entries.
  4. When the confirmation dialog is displayed, close it by clicking the X on the corner of the box.
  5. These actions will activate the deleted records again.

Adding or Editing Entries

As previously mentioned, the dialogs under most tabs in Fleet Settings (i.e., Users, Groups, Vehicle Types, Vehicles, Facilities and Zones) hold editable lists of entries with similar display characteristics.
Users can add new entries to the lists or edit any of the existing entries by following these procedures:

  1. To add a new entry, click the Add button and enter the appropriate text in the corresponding fields.
  2. To edit an existing entry, click on it and enter the required information. Editable entries are underlined on the left.

To see how adding a new entry or editing an existing one applies to all available lists in more detail, access Fleet Settings on the main toolbar, select the preferred tab you would like to work with and proceed as explained in the next section.