Path Data Tools 02

Generating and Printing Student Upload Reports

Generating Student Upload Reports

By clicking Finished in the Status column, located to the right of the upload events listed in the Upload History, a Student Upload Report is disclosed.
These Reports show three different types of information:

  • Inconsistencies found after the upload. These are invalid values provided in the Students file.
  • Students Added successfully with the upload.
  • Students Updated with the upload.

You can view each of these Reports on your computer by clicking on their respective headers but you can also have them printed if necessary.
Let’s see the following figure as an example of viewing Inconsistencies:

  • Click Inconsistencies once the Report is disclosed. The Inconsistencies found (41 in the figure) are listed below.
  • If needed, you can filter the entry list by partially entering the appropriate text in their corresponding text boxes. Once the matching entries are disclosed, select the desired one.
    Filter options are: Student ID, Name, Address, Gender, School, Grade and Comments.

Printing Student Upload Reports

As mentioned before, users can print Student Upload Reports. To print a Report, click the Print button located in the upper section of the Student Upload Report dialog. A digital version of the Report is disclosed.
The Student Upload Report displays the three types of events listed one after the other in the same document in the following order:

  1. Students Added.
  2. Students Updated.
  3. Description of Inconsistencies.