Path Data Tools 01

Mapping and Uploading Student Data

Mapping Data

Data Tools enables users to autonomously map and upload Student files from other information systems, such as locally stored comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-separated values (TSV) files, into Path without having to manually enter the Students’ data.

Mapping links those source files that contain relevant Student data, known as Student Templates, to the fields enabled for update in Path, also called Entity Fields. This sets the appropriate relationship between both systems before an upload is carried out.

The Student Template needs to be configured in such way that the headers correspond to the appropriate Entity Fields available in the Data Mapping tool. Although this doesn’t mean that the text in the Student Template’s headers needs to be identical to the text in the Entity Fields, the information they represent must be the same. As an example, think that a possible source file for the STUID Entity Field could be Student ID.

To map data into Path:

  1. Once logged in to Path, expand the Data Tools dialog and click Data Mapping. The Data Mapping dialog displays.
  2. Click the Upload Template File button and browse your system to find the Student Template you will be using. Select it and click open. The Template will be uploaded and Path will create drop-down dialogs with the headers of your Student Template under each File Field located on the left of the Data Mapping dialog.
  3. Select the parameters from each drop-down dialog so data in File Fields (Source) and Entity Fields (Destination) match.
  4. Find and click the Save button below. If saved successfully, a message displays. Click OK.

The Data Mapping tool also holds an Advance Options button that allows users to select the delimiter character and the lines in the template assigned to Field Names and Data Start for an easier mapping of the source files.

Uploading Student Information

Once Data Mapping is done, the Upload Students tool will activate the user interface feature that allows uploading the source Student file into Path.

To do so:

  1. Within Data Tools, click Upload on the left pane. The Uploads History table is displayed.
  2. Click the paperclip button to browse your computer and find your Source Student Data File.
  3. Select it and click Upload in the Upload Students dialog.
  4. Click the Refresh button next to Upload History and check that the job has been queued. When the job is completed, the Status column will display Finished.
  5. Click Finished if you want to see a Student Upload Report (see below).