SFWR0010 : Trek 674 – RTC Time Adjustments


This document is intended to assist, how to adjust the RTC time settings for Trek 674 Unit. It may happen due to the failure of CMOS battery and resetting time, hence not getting the routes as it is not the present date.


We will use the following troubleshooting steps when

  • Time in Future or Past due to CMOS battery failing and need a replacement
  • Dispatcher/IT Team of customer unable to send routes to particular Truck with those units
  • Unable to see trucks on the reports but Truck is OnRoute


  1. From WasteApp screen, navigate to the configuration panel by clicking on the truck number
  2. Select the Vehicle data tab and Click on the VOBC
  3. From VOBC interface click next to Trek674 “Click Here” cell to open the Trek device parameters interface
  4. Navigate to the RTC tab
  5. Correct the date and time in the RTC 2 settings field


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