SFWR0002 : Trek 674 – OS (Operating System) Re-image Process

Description:- This document is intended to assist in identifying how to reinstall the Operating System (OS) on the Trek 674 computers, using a pre-build USB drive with the corresponding image based on hardware type.


  1. You will need 1 bootable USB drive with minimum 8GB and maximum size 32G
  2. Download the zip file from:
  3. Plug your USB key to your computer, right-click and choose a format
  4. Choose FAT32, Default allocation size, Quick Format, Start
  5. Your USB key is ready
  6. Extract the content of the Zip file in the root of the USB key, example e:\
  7. Make sure all data is in the root, not in a folder
  8. Go to USB Drive (generally E Drive), and it should contain basic folders like .disk, boot, EFI, home, live, syslinux, utils etcetera.
    IMPORTANT: To make the USB bootable run the following command: “makeboot64.bat” located in the newly created USB image F:\utils\win64\ Press the space key 2 times when requested in the CMD window.

  9. Go to the truck, plug-in USB key to the monitor (if it doesn’t work) plug it into VOBC.
  10. Restart the unit, when it’s done you will see something with “bash$”
  11. Unplug the USB key, reboot.
  12. If the unit cannot connect, please check the APN in the skylight, apply EWF Apply Commit Restart.