SFWR0001 : Trek 674 – How to identify the Hardware Generation


This document is intended to assist in identifying the Trek 674 manufacturing time and OS/hardware generation. We need Hardware Generation to know the Re-Image the OS (Operating System) if the booting fails for a Trek Device or Disc gets Corrupt.

Methods for identification:

  1. Serial Number based

    Based on the TPXXXX – serial number we can search the asset information in Salesforce or Expandable, under the description the PN (part number) last 2 digits are for generation identification:
    Ex: TPAB630756 – PN:916-0040-00.02 – Gen 2
    00.00 – Gen 0
    00.01 – Gen 1
    00.02 – Gen 2
    00.03 – Gen 3

  2. Windows Desktop Wallpaper Watermark

    The Mobile unit desktop background should present a watermark with the OS generation.

  3. Sound base

    Gen 1 units – produce a bootup sound, while Gen 2 and upwards don’t generate any sounds at startup (not reliable to not be used as default).

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