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This page is where you can find training and documentation resources for the Fusion In-Car Camera System. We created this page to be a central location for resources like the latest product news, release notes, user and installation guides, and more.

If you are a Fusion customer, be sure to bookmark this page to remain up to date with the latest training and support content.


This section is dedicated to news related to the Fusion in-Car Camera System. Here, you will find announcements related to upcoming releases as well as availability of new documents. 

At the moment, there are no new or upcoming releases. There are also no new documents being added.

Come back to this section from time to time to learn more!

Fusion In-Car Camera System Support Resources

In this section, you’ll find our Fusion support and training resources. This section was designed to give you the most relevant documentation and support content for Fusion. As new documents or software updates get released, you’ll find the latest content in one of the tiles below.

Fusion Documents

Here are a collection of user & install guides for Fusion. 

Fusion Videos

Here you will find all videos related to Fusion.

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Fusion FAQs & KB Articles

Here, you will find Frequently Asked Questions, as well as the Fusion Knowledge Base. KB articles are written to provide troubleshooting instructions for commonly asked technical questions, whereas FAQs typically don't have detailed instructions or troubleshooting steps.

We are working on adding to the list of KB articles. If you have questions you would like to see added to the FAQs list, use the Submit a question here option to let us know.

Tutorials & KB Articles

Here you will find KB articles as well as training resources related to the Fusion In-Car Camera System.

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    There are no tutorials right now, but stay tuned for future updates.


How do I know that the Fusion In-Car Camera System is ready for use?

When you press and release the power button on your Fusion system, a LED will start blinking green. Once it turns to a solid green, the Fusion system is ready for use.

How do I know that microphone has synchronized with the transmitter?

When the microphone synchronizes with the transmitter successfully, you will hear it beep.

What are the default login credentials for pilot units?

The default officer ID and the password are "1111" respectively.

What is Equipment Test?

Equipment Test allows the user to test the wireless microphone and the covert microphone without triggering a recording.

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