Evidence Manager Tutorial 67:

Importing Devices from Depot Manager


CH1: Overview

CH2: Configuring Evidence Manager

CH3: Managing Devices

CH4: Managing Docking Stations

CH5: Managing Evidence

CH:6 Using Evidence Player

CH7: EM Redaction

CH8: Reference Reads


If you are an administrator, and you create a user account, the account information is saved to a database that Evidence Manager maintains. This user database is local to the Evidence Manager installation. This means that the user account details are present on the computer on which it was created, and the account can be used to access Evidence Manager on this computer only.

You can however, have a user account access multiple instances of Evidence Manager. For this to happen, the user account details must be present on each computer on which Evidence Manager is installed. This can be achieved by copying the user database (containing the user account details) to multiple computers.

This procedure describes how to copy a user database from one computer, to another computer.

NOTE: Database File to be Copied…

On the computer where you created a user account for accessing Evidence Manager, the user details are copied to the MvNav.db3 file, inside the Evidence Manager installation folder.

To have user accounts maintained in this file to access Evidence Manager instances on other computers, you must copy this database file to the other computers.


To copy a database:

  1. Log on to the computer from which you want to copy the user database.
  2. Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Safe Fleet\Depot Manager\Evidence Manager.
  3. Find the MvNav.db3 file, and save it to a removable storage media, such as a USB drive.
  4. Log on to the computer to which you want to copy this database file.
  5. Connect the removable storage media to this computer.
  6. Copy the MvNav.db3 file to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Safe Fleet\Depot Manager\Evidence Manager folder.

NOTE: Complete the Copy Operation…

When you attempt to copy the MvNav.db3 file to the new location, you will see a message box requiring you to replace the existing MvNav.db3 at the copy location. Proceed with the copy operation by choosing to replace the existing file.

After you copy the user database file to the new location, the user accounts from the source computer can be used to access Evidence Manager on the destination computer.