Evidence Manager Tutorial 62:

Saving a Snapshot of a Redacted Video


CH1: Overview

CH2: Configuring Evidence Manager

CH3: Managing Devices

CH4: Managing Docking Stations

CH5: Managing Evidence

CH:6 Using Evidence Player

CH7: EM Redaction

CH8: Reference Reads


A snapshot is a point-in-time image of a video. It functions as an image file of a part of the video. If you feel there are points in the redacted video that can be used to provide context related to the incident, you can create snapshots of the redacted video. These snapshots are saved as image files, and can function as evidence if necessary.


To save a snapshot:

  1. Make sure you performed all the steps described in Pre-redaction Tasks.
  2. If needed, play the video to determine the point where a snapshot must be taken.
  3. Locate the snapshot icon at the bottom of the Evidence Manager window. The icon looks like this:  
  4. On the Export Redacted Snapshot window, do the following:
    1. Resolution: Select Fixed (640 width) if you want the snapshot to have 640*480 resolution, Select Native if you want the snapshot to have the same resolution as the source file.
    2. Snapshots File: Select the destination where you want to save the snapshots.
  1. Click Snapshot

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