Evidence Manager Tutorial 56:

Selecting a Static Element


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CH2: Configuring Evidence Manager

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CH4: Managing Docking Stations

CH5: Managing Evidence

CH:6 Using Evidence Player

CH7: EM Redaction

CH8: Reference Reads


The Static element allows you to select an element such as a license plate, which appears at a single location. Use this method of redaction, if an element is clearly visible, and it appears at only one location in the video. Static bounding boxes appear in green.

To select a static element, first draw a bounding box, and then define it as a Static elements, following the instructions described below.


To select a static element:

  1. Make sure you performed all the steps described in Pre-redaction Tasks.

NOTE: Quick Access from the Application Toolbar

Some of the redaction menu options also have quick access icons on the application toolbar. The application toolbar is located beneath the top menu bar.

  1. If needed, play the video to determine the elements that need to be redacted.
  2. Locate the redaction options at the bottom of the Evidence Manager window, next to the player controls.
  3. Locate the element you want to redact. For example, you might want to redact a rearview mirror.
  4. Now, draw a box around this element. Initially, you will see a yellow filled box. The shape of this area is either oval or rectangle, depending on what you specified while setting the redaction properties.
  5. Position the box carefully over the element.

NOTE: Clicking Help

If you click Help in the context menu, Evidence Manager will open the Evidence Manager User Guide.

  1. Release the cursor. A context menu appears.
  1. Click Static to make this area into a Static element. The box now changes to a green filled box.
  1. Resize or reposition as necessary, and click Accept in the player controls area.

A Static video element is listed in the Video Elements for Redaction pane. A numerical value in the bounded area represents the chronology in which Evidence Manager detects the static element.

After the redaction operation completes, do the following:

  • To view the element that will be redacted, click the Play button. A green bounding box appears around the element you chose, indicating that the chosen element will be redacted throughout the video at the location where it is present.
  • To preview the redacted elements in the video, click the Preview Redaction icon. The icon looks like this:

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