Evidence Manager Tutorial 44:

Understanding the Evidence Player Interface


CH1: Overview

CH2: Configuring Evidence Manager

CH3: Managing Devices

CH4: Managing Docking Stations

CH5: Managing Evidence

CH:6 Using Evidence Player

CH7: EM Redaction

CH8: Reference Reads


Evidence Player is an application that can play evidence files. It is created every time you create an evidence file, along with the video that you exported. If you selected to create a single evidence file, Evidence Player is embedded inside the video, else, it is created in the same folder as the evidence file.

A: Menubar and Quick Access Toolbar
B: Video File Selector pane
C: Map view pane
D: Video display area

E: Layout Manager
F: Player, timeline, and collector controls
G: Vehicle Info pane
H: Metadata Player pane
I: Bookmarks pane

Exploring the Menu Options

This section contains detailed information about the Evidence Player menu options. To know more about a set of menu options, expand the accordion to reveal additional details about the specific menu family you choose.

TIP: Viewing Individual Topics

To view additional details of a menu options family, click the accordion. The title expands to display additional details about the menu that you chose.

Menubar and Quick Access Toolbar

MenuUse This To...
FileOpen videos, save bookmarks, or save videos to a media device for evidence.
ViewPreserve video aspect ratio, display video time, enable metadata player, and so on.
HelpOpen the Evidence Manager help, and view the current version of Evidence Manager.
Video Selector Pane

In this pane, you will see the full list of cameras associated with the evidence file. You can choose to enable audio for each camera, view the properties of the video currently playing, as well as release the video.

Map View

If a device has the capability of recording GPS data, Evidence Manager uses this data to track the route of the vehicle in which the device is fitted. The vehicle position data is exported at the time of creating the evidence file. On the map within Evidence Player, the vehicle position is represented by a marker.

Video Display Area

The video display area plays videos the video embedded in the evidence file. Evidence Player supports the following standard layouts for playing video: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5. The custom tile layout has 1 large tile and 7 smaller, surrounding tiles.

Layout Manager

MenuUse This To...
Shift Camera BackwardShifts the position of each camera one tile backward.
Shift Camera ForwardShifts the position of each camera one tile forward.
SoundEnable audio, or adjust the volume of the videos on cameras that are currently active.
PagingOpen multiple pages of video tiles.
Layout SelectionChange the tile display of the videos. Evidence Manager displays only those
cameras associated with the device.
Standard tile layouts include 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5. The custom tile layout
has 1 large tile and 7 smaller, surrounding tiles.
Double-click a tile to maximize or minimize it.
Adjust camera orderChange the camera display order.
OverlayDisplay the device ID and the time in milliseconds.
Maximize/restore ViewerMaximize the current layout to full-screen mode.
Close All TilesClose all videos streaming in the current layout tiles.
Player controls, Timeline controls, and Collector Controls

Note: In Playback Mode, ALL the controls listed in this table are active. In Live Mode, ONLY the Play/Pause control is active.

MenuUse This To...
Play/pausePlay or pause the selected video at normal speed.
Previous framePlay the previous frame of video. When you click this icon, the video plays forward.
Fast rewindPlay the current video in reverse mode at 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x speeds. Click this icon to increase the speed.
2x reverses the video by 1 second, 4x by 2 seconds, 8x by 4 seconds, and 16x by 8 seconds respectively.
Fast forwardPlay the current video in forward mode at 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x speeds. Click this icon to increase the speed.
2x advances the video by 1 second, 4x by 2 seconds, 8x by 4 seconds, and 16x by 8 seconds respectively.
Next framePlay the next frame of video.
LoopPlay the video continuously. When you click this icon, the video is looped, indicated by the icon turning red. To exit the loop, click the icon again.
Looping is only available for an exported video file.

MenuUse This To...
Zoom inZoom in on the timeline.
Zoom outZoom out of the timeline.
Center timelinePosition the timeline pointer to the center of the timeline.
Go to dateOpen the calendar to choose a specific date and time. Once selected, the video starts playing from the selected date and time.

MenuUse This To...
Export SnapshotTake a snapshot of the current video.
Add BookmarkAdd bookmarks to the current video.
File InformationView the file information of the video that is playing.



Vehicle Info Pane and Metadata Player

The Vehicle Info pane lists all the events that are configured within the device to which Evidence Manager is currently connected. These events appear as a color-coded list, with a Yes/No entry against each type of event. As the video plays, events entries might change from No to Yes. This is indicative of the occurrence of events. The Metadata Player pane below the timeline controls bar, displays a graphical representation of events as they occur in the associated video.

Bookmark Window

The Bookmarks window displays a list of bookmarks that are added to a video. Bookmarks are notes that represent additional details related to a particular clip within a video file. Bookmarks provide better context of the video, and are also useful for finding specific sections in a video on another day.

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