Evidence Manager Tutorial 33:

Obtaining the HDD Log of a Hard Drive


CH1: Overview

CH2: Configuring Evidence Manager

CH3: Managing Devices

CH4: Managing Docking Stations

CH5: Managing Evidence

CH:6 Using Evidence Player

CH7: EM Redaction

CH8: Reference Reads


The HDD log is a log file of the hard drive fitted inside a docking station. It functions as a health report of the hard drive, which can be used to identify deviations from expected behavior.

NOTE: No HDD Log for Seon Devices

At the moment, HDD logs cannot be obtained for Seon devices.

To obtain the HDD log:

  1. Log in to Evidence Manager.
  2. Expand Docking Stations under Device Manager, and make sure you see the docking station you connected.
  3. Right-click this docking station, and click Get HDD Log. The HDD log file is downloaded to your workstation.

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