Evidence Manager Tutorial:

Running Diagnostics


Diagnostics is a health report of a device. It contains device details such as network information, system information, system health, and disk information. You can retrieve diagnostics of a device to which Evidence Manager is connected.


To retrieve device diagnostics:

  1. Log in to Evidence Manager.
  2. Expand Devices under Device Manager, find the device of your choice, and make sure that it is connected.
  3. Right-click this device, and click Run Diagnostics. Evidence Manager retrieves diagnostic information in a separate window.

NOTE: Diagnostic Data

Evidence Manager only retrieves diagnostic data; if you encounter an issue with the device, you must correct that either from the on-screen display or Depot Manager, depending on the type of issue.

For troubleshooting tips, see either the device-specific guide or the Depot Manager guide, available at https://community.seon.com/mv-documents/

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