Evidence Manager Tutorial:

Uploading Device Firmware


You can use the firmware upload feature of Evidence Manager to upgrade to the most-recent version of firmware on a device. Evidence Manager “pushes” the firmware file to the device, thereby initiating the firmware upgrade.

Since the upload is initiated remotely, the need for maintenance staff to physically access the device is eliminated, thus making the upgrade simpler and faster.


To upload device firmware:

  1. Keep the firmware file (.bin) handy.
  2. Log in to Evidence Manager.
  3. Expand Devices under Device Manager, find the device of your choice, and make sure that it is connected.
  4. Right-click this device, and click Upload Firmware.
  5. Browse to the location of the firmware file, select the file, and click Open.

The firmware upload starts, and a progress bar appears in the bottom-left corner of the Evidence Manager taskbar. During the process, the device stays offline.

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