Evidence Manager Tutorial:

Using the Properties Menu to Change Device Properties


You can change the general properties and the connection properties of a device from the Properties menu. From here, you can view the capabilities of the device, and the details of the connected cameras. You can also add contact information of the maintenance personnel for quick reference.


To change the properties of a device:

  1. Log in to Evidence Manager.
  2. Expand Devices, find the device you want to configure, and make sure it is connected.
  3. Right-click this device, and click Properties. The Properties window appears.
  1. Under Connection, do the following:
    1. Device Title: Enter a name for this device.
    2. Type of IP address: Select DHCP for dynamic IP addresses, or Static for a static IP address.
    3. Device ID: For DHCP, leave this blank. For Static, enter the device’s IP address.
    4. Device Port: Select a port over which the device will communicate. Default = 80.
    5. To test connectivity, click Test Connection.
  1. Under Details, do the following:
    1. Name: Enter a name for the person who is in charge of maintaining this device.
    2. Phone: Enter a phone number for this person.
    3. StreetCityState/Province
      Zip/PostalCode, and Region/Country: Use these fields to enter the address of the person who is in charge of the device maintenance.
    4. Notes: Enter notes related to the maintenance in-charge, if any.
  1. Under Capabilities, view: Video ControlDevice ControlConnection Types, and Other capabilities.
  1. Under Cameras, view details such as: the camera name and mount type, and click OK.
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